About Kabrutus

Sup guys, I'm Kabrutus, your average normal-looking gamer dude who is passionate about this hobby and industry. I play video games since 5 years old and went through many different systems during my whole gaming life. I have the desire to do something good and meaningful for the gaming community all over the world.

So, let me try to do a little FAQ here for you guys:

What were the reasons that made you decide to open a website?

I decided to open this website because this way I would have total control over the content without having to rely on a platform like I have with my curator page being on Steam. Freedom.

How do you feel about it?

Great, to say the least. This website is a huge milestone and personal achievement in this cause. And I have you, my supporters to thank for it.

How do you feel to work with a team on such a project?

I'm surrounded by many amazing people which decided to join and help the cause. I couldn't ask for better supporters than I have. This is a very important moment for us all.

What is DEIDetected?

DEIDetected is the natural evolution of Sweet Baby Inc. detected, it is well known for a time that Sweet Baby Inc. isn't the only company forcing DEI into video games, so with the 400k followers mark on the curator page getting close I think that this is a perfect time to expand and start talking about what other DEI consultancy companies are doing with video games too.

What is DEIDetected objective?

The DEIDetected has the goal of bringing consumer awareness by letting people know what games have DEI ideology implementend in their development cycle as well as how it affects our culture as a whole.

What do you plan to do on the website?

Basically, the same that I already do on the Steam curator page: listing the games that has DEI implemented but this time around coming from many others DEI consultancy companies too while also promoting good (mainly Indie) games that respect us gamers by not trying to reeducate us, virtue signaling and influence the way we see the world, these will be referred to as "DEIFree" games, DEIF.

I intend to expand the DEID to talk about movies, series, animes and other forms of media in the future too.

Bear in mind that we are not journalists, but gamers doing their best to bring proper information to the worldwide gaming community.

Will you work on it alone? Do you expect other people to write on it?

LOL no, definitely not. I'm just one man hahaha, I cannot tackle everything by my own. And yes I do expect some other people to help me writing articles related to other subjects too.

I think that covers most of your guys questions, right? Welcome to DEIDetected and let this be only the beginning of many wonderful