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I gotta be honest: I always thought that by this point Warhammer 40k would end up being one of the franchises that survived the woke era that has been destroying our culture for the past 10 years, but unfortunately we recently learned that this isn't the case.

It hurts a lot because WH40k is my favorite universe ever, even if I never played the tabletop game because it's too expensive in Brazil and there wasn't anyone to play with in my home town (at least not that I knew about). I've always LOVED the lore, the video games and pretty much anything related to this amazing franchise.

My favorite Space Marines chapter, the Imperial Fists!

Ok... let's start by addressing the big elephant in the room: female Custodes.

custodes Image

GW decided to add female Adeptus Custodes to the lore, completely ignoring the fact that there never have been ANY women among the Custodes, and GW always made it pretty clear.

The thing is that female Custodes never made sense since all the God Emperor's super soldiers are made by manipulation of his own gene-seed/DNA, female subjects were never compatible, period.

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Of course the vast majority of players got pissed by this meaningful retcon in the lore, I mean all of this has been stablished decades ago and they feel fooled by the universe they've invested in for so long.

GLPrmXKbUAAKa3i Image

And how did GW treated the

se long-time customers? Well... first, they LIED, by telling that there always have been female Custodes in the lore.

GLNykQrbIAAf-8c Image
GW even got community noted because of the lies... beautiful.

And not only that: they started BLOCKING AND BANNING their own customers after they started debunking GW's lies.

GLN-tGqa8AEuy-t Image
In Discord too...
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This is all very sad, and we can already see the consequences of all of this by looking at GW's stocks drop and the shareholders reaction to it. Well deserved.

shareholdesell Image

There are some rumours going on the internet telling that this decision was actually because of the upcoming Amazon WH40k series produced by Henry Cavill which is a huge fan of the franchise, but since I do not have confirmations and receipts I'll just leave this mention here.

But female Custodes wasn't the only shitty thing GW did lately, they came up with a new Space Marines chapter made by trans Adeptus Astartes (oh sorry, "Primaris Astartes", right? I hate them btw) called the "Gate Crushers" obviously a disrespectful reference to the Gate Keepers that have been maintaining the franchise for so long, showing how much they despise their own long-time customers.

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Custodes with diversity flags



In my opinion, players should completely abandon GW's products at this point. Keep the good, old stuff they released and that they already have but do not, ever, buy anything from them again until Games Workshop start respecting their fanbase money and time invested in their products, wait for a change of attitude.

Warhammer meme saying "always have been (female custodes)"

Good luck, Games Workshop. You'll need it.


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