Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes has been, unfortunately, hit by a REALLY bad and DEI/political-driven localization which ruins the context of many scenes and dialogues of the game.

Credits to Niche Gamer for the image

[Credits to Niche Gamer for the screenshot]

The localizers seems to be very... political.

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The community managers are banning people from the game's Discord server because they, as customers, are expressing how much they didn't like the western localization in the game they paid for. Typical.

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Ok, it may still be a good game because, after all, we are talking about the western localization work only here but still I think it's necessary to start pointing this kind of situation out for the gaming community.

My advice in this situation is the same: talk with your wallet. I honestly think that the developers are the victims here because they probably had no idea of what the localization team were doing with their game during all this time, but they need to get the message that we do not want the same guys they hired localizing our games anymore. Also, do not forget to express your dissatisfaction about it in their official social media too, but please be polite. Do not harass the developers.

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This one really makes me sad because this is a game that I've been looking forward to since it has been announced.


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