Homeworld 3


It's been a long time since people started telling me to add Homeworld 3 to the DEID games list and I must confess: I didn't even have to investigate it, because my amazing community did all the work for me this time.

I've received lots of emails with tons of info and proofs of its involvement with more than one company that has DEI among their vision, it even has a special thanks to these companies in the ending credits:


Its also worthy to mention that the CMs have been banning people from the game's community hub on Steam simply because they are asking if the game has involvement with Sweet Baby Inc. and/or other DEI consultancy companies.


  • https://bucket.deidetected.com/gearbox publishing.jpg
    Gearbox Publishing


  • https://bucket.deidetected.com/287988871231b6aa3ecb16021eb898b4c2a113eb_full.jpg
    Blackbird Interactive (BBI)

DEI Consultants

  • https://bucket.deidetected.com/20240518_193128.jpg
    Diversity in Games - DIG


  • Real Time Strategy
  • Sci-fi