Paper Mario™: The Thousand-Year Door (2024)

Nintendo removed the Goombas cat-calling Goombella in order to "reflect modern audience sensitivities".

Poor little guys are not allowed to flirt anymore

Original dialogue:

Goomba: "Hey! Hey, man! What's up? Who's the hottie you got there with you?
Paragoomba: "Wassup, baby? Why don't you hang with us for a while? We play
real nice!
Spike Goomba: "Man, what's a FINE-lookin' Goomba doin' with a tubby mustache
man like that?!?"
Goombella: "Oh, it is, like, SO sweet that you boys think I'm cute! Seriously!
Yeah, guys like you make me feel like...TOTALLY BARFING! Now get out of our
Goomba: "Ouch that was cold!"
Paragoomba: "What, you're too good for us? Come off it, sister!
Spike Goomba: "Nobody zings us like that! Nobody! Let's get 'em!"



Rewritten dialogue:

Goomba: "Hey! Hey, man! What's up? You think it's cool to just waltz your way
into OUR underground?
Paragoomba: "Typical! You surface-level snobs are so stuck-up. 'OoOoh, I get
to see the sun! I like to breathe clean air! OoOoh!'"
Spike Goomba: "Heh! Yeah! Come on over here, scruffy mustache man...We're gonna
teach you some proper manners..."
Goombella: "Leave him alone! Can't two academics and a world-famous hero
wander the sewers of a port town in peace? If this is your usual greeting to
visitors, then you must have learned it down here...because IT STINKS!
Goomba: "Ouch! That was cold!"
Paragoomba: "What, you're too good for a fight?! If you ain't lookin' to
tussle, then stay out of the sewer!"
Spike Goomba: Nobody doesn't start a fight with us! Nobody! Let's get 'em!"

Nintendo still didn't make any comment about the situation and seems like that Nintendo gamers are ok with it.


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