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What is happening to Pokemon, after all? Well, fortunately, it's not what is happening with Pokemon, but instead with Pokemon GO only, the rest of the franchise and it's related products, for now, remains intact. And that's a good thing.


So what about Pokemon GO, then? What happened to it? Well, it's pretty simple: DEI happened. A DEI consultancy company called GaymerX has been involved with Niantic for some time now and we are starting to see the fruition of this... partnership.

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Last week, more exactly on April 17th, Niantic released a new update on Pokemon GO that drastically changed the graphics and the visual style of player's avatars, this quickly became an issue as players from all around the world started to express their dissatisfaction with the changes promoted by the update, specially with the female player avatars.

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To be honest, it was well justified because after this update the female avatars are now less... female. It changed their feminine characteristics to something more bland, more "genderless", and therefore more ugly, to say the least.

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We know that DEI hates women and femininity, so they get rid of everything feminine they can, so that update didn't surprise me at all.

So what to do about it? How we, the game community, can push back against this kind of stuff? Well, it's like I always say: talk with your wallet. Don't buy anything from the in-game store, don't promote the game to anyone, and, if possible, don't even PLAY the game anymore. Also, go to their social media and make it clear how much you don't like what they did in every single one of their posts. These are the only way to pass a message to them.

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Also, do not forget that this isn't Nintendo doing. So please guys stop claiming over the internet that "Nintendo went woke", "Japan is now woke and into DEI" or that "Pokemon is now a woke franchise". All of this has been done by a western company in collaboration with another western company and to a japanese franchise, period.


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