Stellar Blade

Stellar Blade quickly became a beacon of light for many gamers all around the world, mainly for having a beautiful female protagonist - and being proud of that - in such a heavily DEI-infested times for the gaming industry.

SHIFTUP made things even better when they guaranteed, through the game's official X profile, that there wouldn't be any kind of censorship in the final game's version prior to its release.


Unfortunately despite all the positivity and promises leading to the game's launch it got in fact censored by a day one patch.

stellar blade censor

Doesn't matter if it was just a "few inches of fabric" (it wasn't), censorship is censorship. And, in this case, the LIES that Sony/SHIFTUP told us is a key factor for gamers to start protesting against it.

In fact, such protest led to a very successful petition to #FreeStellarBlade, created by the legendary former-blizzard developer Mark Kern, A.K.A Grummz.

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Stellar waifus

If you are against censorship, make sure to sign it:

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